About us

Invezyme Research is a discovery phase biotechnology company that is applying a proprietary technology platform for the mass detection of metabolic enzymes in breast cancer with a special emphasis on triple negative breast Cancer (TNBC).

Our mission is three-fold:
• Understand in a much more complete way the role of enzymes in the initiation and evolution of TNBC;
• To develop highly effective diagnostic biomarkers that can detect TNBC early enough, allowing for earlier treatment and better outcomes for women;
• Identify therapeutic targets to address pathways relevant to disease progression.

Our core technology was originally developed by the CSIC Centre for Catalysis and Petrochemicals in Madrid. This technology allows us to screen for several thousand enzyme activities at the same time in key human metabolic pathways as well as for several thousand more enzymes in core metabolic pathways in over 600 bacterial species associated with the human microbiome.

We plan to initiate a clinical study in Q3 2020 focused exclusively on Triple Negative Breast Cancer and will have results to report in early 2021. Based on our initial studies we envisage developing further lines of original research to develop projects to license in the next few years.